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Idear Toy seeks to work with creative individuals to bring their toy vision to life. Our founders are also toy enthusiasts, and have a passion for collecting toys. We aim to work closely with each and every creator to manufacture quality toys to bring to the market, trade shows, and conventions. Our toy company is dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality toys for our customers. 


Our company offers several advantages to our collaborators

  • Firstly, we have established partnerships with major conventions such as FanExpo Canada, Anime North, Toronto Comicon, and Calgary Expo, where we can showcase your artwork to a large audience on corporate/industry floors and gain valuable exposure for your brand. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your reach and connect with new fans. 


  • Secondly, we will offer wholesale distribution to other vendors across North America, giving you even more opportunities to reach new customers. 


  • In addition to convention partnerships, we are committed to promoting our artists through various channels. This includes featuring your artwork on our retail websites and social media pages, as well as promoting your work at our retail stores. We are also planning multiple artist's launch events in store

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